Pubcenter Alternative

Using Pubcenter in your Windows app, and not satisfied with revenues?

Here is a way to reclaim the space, that is yours….



Vision: Promote app when not generating revenue.

How: Inbuilt logic to display ad from our network when Pubcenter fails (doesn’t provide ad)

Why: Fill rates are never 100%, industry average lies between 10%-20%. Nobody wants to leave space empty in well crafted app. You should optimize your app space to max

Catch: For every 10 ads displayed in your app, your app ad is displayed 9 times in other apps. 1 ad is what we use for maintaining our servers

Our ecpm: Zero (0). We promote your app, thus in turn getting you more downloads, more revenue


For Xaml:

Download SDK

Download Sample


For WinJs:

Download SDK

Download Sample