Promote Windows store app

With large number of apps in store, each app is competing with every other app to gain its space.

Here comes AdShufflr to your rescue.

  1. It allows you to promote your app free of charge
  2. Inbuilt integration with Pubcenter
  3. No revenue impact, as you are still earning through pubcenter
  4. Integration with existing app is super easy, 2 line changes

This is the best way to monetize your app (without impacting revenues) :)

AdShufflr rocks

Pubcenter Alternative

Using Pubcenter in your Windows app, and not satisfied with revenues?

Here is a way to reclaim the space, that is yours….



Vision: Promote app when not generating revenue.

How: Inbuilt logic to display ad from our network when Pubcenter fails (doesn’t provide ad)

Why: Fill rates are never 100%, industry average lies between 10%-20%. Nobody wants to leave space empty in well crafted app. You should optimize your app space to max

Catch: For every 10 ads displayed in your app, your app ad is displayed 9 times in other apps. 1 ad is what we use for maintaining our servers

Our ecpm: Zero (0). We promote your app, thus in turn getting you more downloads, more revenue


For Xaml:

Download SDK

Download Sample


For WinJs:

Download SDK

Download Sample